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1280px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg  Evolution is only possible thanks to scientific REvolution.

Welcome! This is Peter Sterken’s site on Arboriculture, Wind Load Analysis and Palm and Tree Assessment:  Research and Education.

Evolution is only possible thanks to scientific REvolution: Too often, arboriculture has rigidly focused on easy-to-understand, but simplistic and erroneous theories. Perhaps partially because a lot of people have made money thanks to them (which is totally understandable and respectable, in a sense). However… if we stay within the limits of those theories, then our mind will possibly not be able to devise the path of evolution.*

Peter has published several non-commercial scientific methods for the safety assessment of trees and palms. His passions are nature, palms, arboriculture, biomechanics, wind, science and the truth. He does not represent any commercial tree assessment method or device, thanks to which his teachings are totally unbiased.

Flag_of_Spain_(Civil).svg    ¡Bienvenido/a! Este es el sitio de Peter Sterken sobre Arboricultura.

Peter ha publicado varios métodos científicos no comerciales para el análisis de estabilidad de arbolado. Sus pasiones son la naturaleza, las palmeras, la arboricultura, la biomecánica, el viento, la ciencia y la verdad. El no representa ningún método ni instrumentos comerciales, gracias a lo cual su enseñanza es totalmente imparcial.


Peter Sterken Universidad de Extremadura
Peter Sterken (at Universidad de Extremadura in 2017)

Key words: wind load analysis, pulling tests, tomography, visual assessment, decay, breakage, uprooting, risk assessment, palms, trees, arboriculture, cabling, pruning,…

Palabras clave: análisis de carga de viento, test de tracción, tomografía, evaluación visual, pudriciones, rotura, vuelco, evaluación de riesgo, palmeras, árboles, arboricultura, cableado, poda,…

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Second photo: this Phoenix dactylifera palm had a severely decayed stem and was pulled over in Terrassa, Spain, to compare the results with the theoretical wind load analysis predictions made with the V-model 😉

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